Hi there! I am Melinda, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Aldie, Virginia, but I also travel to all parts of the world!

I got married on August 8th to the love of my life, my husband, Lionel. I am incredibly blessed to be able to share my life with him! 

I am an avid lover of Jesus Christ, my family, photography, natural light, country music, sweet tea, Blue Bell ice cream, dark chocolate, authentic Japanese and Italian food, traveling, and being in the moment. 

I am originally from a small country in Europe, Hungary. I came to the States when I was younger. My mother is Vietnamese, which gave me the ability to embrace both my Hungarian and Vietnamese cultures. I do speak three languages fluently!

I am incredibly passionate about telling stories through my images. With each wedding and session that I photograph, I seek the authentic and tear jerking moments that bring out the beauty of each couple and family.

When I am not shooting somewhere with my camera, you can find me snuggled up watching my favorite shows on Netflix & Hulu, being goofy with my husband, cooking up a new recipe, reading the Bible, or planning my next trip!

I CANNOT wait to meet you!

                      - Melinda

It's so nice to meet you!

Meet the Love of My Life

That handsome man right there is my soul mate, Lionel!

Our love story is not the most conventional, but it is my favorite one. I met him when I was only 19 at the grocery store where I worked at the time. He thought I was the cutest deli girl; I had him at the very first slice of ham. I, on the other hand, was not at all interested because I thought I was kind of a big deal. However, Lionel was persistent in wanting to take me out on a date and after a while I finally gave in. I did not know it at the time, but the decision to let Lionel into my life was the best decision of my life. This man has loved me unconditionally since the day he laid eyes on me, through all the good and ugly. I am incredibly looking forward to all that has yet to unfold in our journey together and for all of the blessings that God has in store for us.

Lionel is not only my husband, but he is also the second photographer of Melinda Toth Photography. He loves to document a sweet love story as much as I do. Together, through photography we capture our clients’ life’s sweetest moments to be forever cherished.

When Lionel is not busy capturing beautiful love stories, you can find him working on his truck, at the gun range, hunting, enjoying a great movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, and lastly spending time with me.


Cruising to new places.

Sweet Spot

Godiva Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Macarons

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My husband


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